The D12 Foundation has a vision of making a long-lasting impact on the lives of children world-wide. With collaborative support of generous communities and partners, we plan to work with children’s organizations in establishing programs that will plant seeds of generosity, encourage education, support leadership, and inspire activity and health in the youth we reach. It is our hope that these seeds will grow into initiatives that circle the globe and leave legacies for generations to come.

Projects and Areas of Support:

Education – Protecting the education of our youth is protecting our future. D12 Foundation is honored to support Educational Development Nationally with plans of the D12 School built on a model that will include pre-education development and pace and technical curriculums. International Programs will strive to provide every child with access to the appropriate education.

Social Responsibility – D12 Foundation will continue to support worthy efforts worldwide by sowing seeds of generosity. We will leverage our social media base and media tools to inspire social giving and or activity among all audiences by offering opportunities to participate in mission related activities with Dwight Howard.

Leadership & Character Development – Dwight Howard would have never made it to the NBA if he gave up on his dreams and it is important to the D12 Foundation that youth continue to be inspired to do the same through motivational talks at schools and various organizations around the globe and through the Dwight Howard summer basketball and leadership camps.

Disaster Relief – With recent disasters around the globe, it was impossible for Dwight to sit by and watch people suffer. D12 Foundation recently established a Disaster Relief Fund to help victims recover. Activities have included helping earthquake victims in Haiti and rebuilding efforts in Alabama after devastating Tornadoes.

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