The D12 Foundation is focused on facilitating positive change in the lives of American youth – as well as girls in East Africa – through strategic programmatic and funding partners. Guided by D12 Foundation founder and president, Dwight Howard, we seek to strategically and effectively help close critical community “gaps” by making best use of our unique position and talents, and partnering with individuals and organizations who share our vision in three key areas of focus:

Early Childhood Education & Literacy
Why? “The ripple effect” –
High quality early childhood education means:

  • Better achievement in school/higher graduation rates/better employment
  • Less drug abuse and crime
  • Lower incidence of incarceration

Girls Empowerment through Education in East Africa

Why? Because when you educate a woman, you lift up a nation. Yet:

  • Globally, 62 million girls lack access to education
  • Yet, educated girls reverse extreme poverty rapidly: “invest” 90% of their money in the family (this is 3x the “investment” of men)

Leadership Development
Why? As an Olympian, a #1 draft pick, an 8-time NBA All-Star, Dwight Howard has a wealth of true-to-life experience to share with youth – both those facing challenges, and those on the right path – pertaining to:

  • Being bullied/standing up to bullying
  • Withstanding peer pressure
  • Earning and conveying respect
  • Giving back to one’s community

As one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world, Dwight Howard has built a portfolio of enviable accolades. In addition to his All-Star and Olympic records, Dwight has been recognized 3 times as the NBA Defensive Player of the Year and the recipient of the NBA Community Assist Award, recognizing athletes for their outstanding community support. In April 2015 Dwight tied Moses Malone and Hakeem Olajuwon for the most rebounds in a playoff game in Houston Rockets franchise history.

More than a franchise player, Dwight is a loyal and dedicated father, son, brother, and teammate; who off the court remains focused on supporting and empowering today’s youth with the tools to become successful.

In 2011, the 5-time winner of the DeVos Community Enrichment Award established the D12 Foundation that will continue Dwight’s ongoing initiatives and partnerships with charitable organizations around the globe.

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